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Vision Sunday 2024

Vision Sunday 2024.png

We are thrilled to invite you to a very special event – Vision Sunday!


This is a significant day where we come together as a community to reflect on our journey, celebrate our progress, and look ahead to the incredible future God has in store for us.

What to Expect:


✨ Inspiring Message: Gain insights on how to go forward  with the vision God has given to you and your family. Also, hear from Pastor Tim as he shares the vision and direction for Restoration Place Church in the coming days.


🎶 Worship: Experience powerful worship that uplifts and unites us in faith.


🤝 Community: Connect with fellow members and make new friends. We are one family!


💡 Future Plans: Learn about the exciting projects, missions, and initiatives that will help us grow and serve better.


🙏 Prayer: Join us in prayer as we seek God’s guidance and blessings for our church and our individual lives.


Why Vision Sunday Matters: Vision Sunday is a moment for us to align our hearts and minds with God’s purpose for our personal lives and our church. It’s a time to recharge our faith, renew our commitment, and get excited about what’s ahead. Your presence makes a difference, and together, we can achieve great things for His kingdom.

We look forward to seeing you there! Bring your family, invite your friends, and let’s embark on this journey together.

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